Comment 5 for bug 429942

>i 'm using Ubuntu UNR 9.04. The keyboard layout is set to Asus-Laptop
> (the installer set it to Generic 105 (itel) I think) but ther is no change.

You shouldn't do that. In recent Linux distributions, the keyboard layout should be set to Evdev-managed keyboard.

badook, you mention that there are problems in karmic, but could you please also explicitly confirm that you have the same model?

There is no rfkill_input module in karmic; this should now work by default, yes.

Fn+F8/VGA - This key is trapped by gnome-settings-daemon, so you would never see output in xev anyway. But you should be able to run 'lshal -m' to get output like this:

$ lshal -m

Start monitoring devicelist:
06:33:05.168: computer_logicaldev_input_4 condition ButtonPressed = switch-videomode

Please see for more information about this.

Do the brightness keys still cause ACPI errors in karmic?