Comment 3 for bug 379593

Bruce Wolfe (wolfedu) wrote :

Hi Bejay, et. al.

I have a Fujitsu T2010 that has a built in Sierra MC8780 3G modem. Like you worked fine in earlier versions now in 9.04 it doesn't.

Connects, logs in and then gets reset/closed.

I updated the Driver - but this did not resolve the NM issue. It did however let me manually use pppd to connect. When comparing the logs for NM vs. direct I noticed that direct uses /dev/ttyUSB0 for comms whilst NM appears to be trying to use /dev/ttyUSB2 for comms. It would appear that NM is trying to talk across the wrong device in my case, but at this time I am not sure how to change NM's behaviour.

Can anybody help with this??????

As a result - there appears to be a bug in the NM environment in choosing the correct device.

I don't know if I actually needed to upgrade the driver, although the Sierra site certainly implies it is necessary.