Comment 124 for bug 339891

sykorat (sykorat) wrote :

I have spent several days toying around with the various solutions proposed. I especially concentrated on installing the Ralink driver with and without the patch (the changes to cmm_wpa.c) all without success.

Parsing the syslog, I found that a connection was made to my access point, but the call to DHCKDISCOVER by dhclient kept timing out.

So long story short, I eventually got my rt2860sta driver working with WPA2 by following the advice on this thread: (scroll down to the post by tanvach on April 6th, 2009, 08:19 AM).

Basically, reverting to the version of the driver made my wireless connection work.

Note: I did have to perform a couple commands before installing the .deb package to circumvent an installation error due to the presence of a newer driver.

ifconfig ra0 down
#ra0 is my alias for rt2860sta driver
rmmod rt2860sta

then I followed the rest of the instructions in the his post. Hope this helps whoever is experiencing this issue.