Comment 123 for bug 339891

Walter_Wittel (wittelw) wrote :

Karmic has had a working driver for the last several releases, and in the last few days (or maybe longer) the function key to toggle the radio on/off on my eeepc 901 has been working :-).

BTW, the driver implementation in Karmic (don't know the source) is *much* better than the RaLink driver I've been limping along with on Jaunty (see comment above The only thing[s] keeping me from switching entirely to Karmic at this time are the occasional brakages on updates and the screen saver / suspend timers don't currently work (at least on my eeepc 901, 'though I can suspend using the function key / closing the lid).

AFAIK there have been no relevant updates to the kernel in Jaunty and I have to rebuild / install every time the Jaunty kernel gets updated.