Comment 43 for bug 271519

Matt Hanyok (matthew-hanyok) wrote :

I also have an Intel DG45ID motherboard and am experiencing the "low volume" problem. After reading this thread I went and enabled all of the various outputs on my volume mixer (surround, center, etc). They were all at 100%.

However, I noticed that raising/lowering the "front" channel sliders had no effect on the volume. I then noticed the "headphone" slider was not at max. This slider seems to control the output for the front channel for me.

I know in the control panel they have for Windows it allows you to specify whether headphones or speakers are connected to this jack. There I have it set for speakers, not headphones, but here I can't find a way to specify. It seems that something has gotten the two switched around.

Also, I've noticed that when raising/lowering the volume sliders in the mixer for headphone and master that the audio falls off VERY quickly. For example, if I set either of them to 50% I get no sound at all. It seem that around 70% or so the audio can barely be heard. Perhaps this is related to my problem of the headphone/front being switched?

This is on 9.04, 64 bit.