Comment 3 for bug 271519

desertoak (danielc-brikks) wrote :

Ok, i have to clarify this.

I am now running Alpha 6.

I Have a Intel DG45ID motherboard with outputs on the backpanel.
The outputs are aka six-stack (4 analog ouputs, one mic-in and one spdif optical out).
The spdif is connected to a Sony DAV-DZ830W.

On the front-panel on my enclosure i also have one mic-in and one analog out.

I go though Debugging sound problems:

* Is your sound system plugged in and switched on. Yes

* Opened the alsa-mixer. Edit preferences. Unmuted everything. The volume is up. Clicked the "Test"-button in Sound events and music and movies in preferences -> Sounds.
Now the analog sound works :) but still no optical spdif sound.

* Enabled the IEC958 checkbox in the mixer switches and tested every sound server: No spdif sound.

* Checked sound device assignemets:
cat /proc/asound/cards:
0 [Intel ]: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel
                     HDA Intel at 0xff620000 irq 22
I know i have only one sound-card.

* Checking permissions and resources: Allowed my profile to "Use audio devices" No spdif sound.

* Tested different sound servers: No spdif sound.

* Ubuntu sporadically crashes and goes black screen, i have to reebot.

* Executed Here the link:

I have not tested the spdif audio with other sound than "Test"-button in Sound events and music and movies in preferences -> Sounds.
Now i'm not getting any sound from the spdif out only.

Thanks in advance!