Comment 52 for bug 253422

otakuj462 (otakuj462) wrote :

I did reboot each time. Some configurations gave me no audio at all, most gave me audio only through the built-in speakers (no audio at all through headphones), however the lenovo* were the most promising, as they gave me headphone audio, but did not mute the built-in speakers. I also checked the mixer each time to make sure I wasn't missing something. It's always possible I overlooked something subtle.

I finally pulled ALSA 1.20 from upstream and compiled/installed it. This didn't fix things, but it did change them. When I set it to "auto", and started the computer without headphones in the jack, then it would only direct audio through the PC speakers. But when I started it with headphones in the jack, it would only give direct audio through the headphones.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to offer a more complete report on this, as I'll be returning this computer tomorrow due to an unrelated issue.