Comment 8 for bug 232173

Fabio Ornellas (fabio-ornellas) wrote :


I've stresses a lot on the topic. My findings:

* Asus made some custom modifications on the snd-hda-intel driver to make it work on the EEE PC 900. However, such modifications were not ported to Vanilla kernels, and thus not for Ubuntu. As far as I could find, here is Asus' version: . It is an old kernel, but works.
* I read at forums that a "m-a a-i alsa" would do the trick (plus passing "model=auto" to the module). As a matter of fact, it does, partially. The mic then works, however, alsamixer controls are not the same as the ones found at the Asus driver. It lacks mic boost settings. Plus, Capture mixer must be set to a value below 68/100, because high values simply distorts a LOT the microphone. And at the end, if cpufreq is set to ondemand, skype can not work properly without generating a LOT of clicks to the other side. This effect is not seen on the factory Xandros, although I can't tell what is the cpufreq setting there.

So, my best bet to fix this issue permanently is to merge Asus's changes into mainstream kernel (or at least Ubuntu's). For now, "m-a a-i alsa" will work as a partial fix.