Comment 4 for bug 230844

soro2005 (soro) wrote :

I also have a S37S, and my wireless adaptar comes up in both Hardy 64 and Opensuse. Both the separate button and Fn+F2 kill the wireless adapter, but don't bring it up again. I can have the same effect by manually calling /etc/acpi/ (kills, but doesn't bring up again), so that I'm pretty sure that the problem is not with the wireless adapter, but with the acpi scripts.

The led's are a different issue. I can bring mine up by executing /etc/acpi/resume.d/ Provided that the adapter is running, that is.

There are several other related bugs here and on the Debian bugtracker. I have tried to use the current acpi-support packages from sid to see whether the issue is solved upstream, but that borked it entirely.

I can, by the way, bring the wireless adapter back up again by resuming from suspension.