Comment 20 for bug 189398

Ozgur (ozgur-yavuzcetin) wrote :

I have T30 and AIRONET wireless card. Right after I had upgraded to Hardy the boot took a lot of time and the wireless didn't work. So I tried /lib/modules/2.6.24-xxx/modules.alias and I commented out the first two occurrences of AES that link to padlock and geode hardware as reported above. It worked...! Until the updates were installed and after that it stopped working again. Then I commented them back in the modules.alias and re-booted but this didn't help. Finally I tried Fred's solution:

# these aes modules break the airo driver
blacklist padlock_aes
blacklist geode_aes

And then the booting worked smoothly and the wireless card worked just fine. Thanks to all.