Comment 3 for bug 1784473

Amit Dube (amitdube) wrote :

I think they are not same. In bug the user says he needs to boot with nomodeset for both the installed and liveCD.
I can boot with bootable pendrive just fine without using nomodeset.

Also the user says "GDM3 will not boot (the screen will keep on flashing in semi-textual mode, with a white mouse arrow stuck)."

I on the other hand get a black screen(no mouse cursor or flashing) after selecting ubuntu from grub menu.
Work-around for this is that I wait for a minute and press the power button to suspend and press any key to get to the login screen.
So I think GDM3 Boots.

I aslo tried your advice
"Please edit your /etc/gdm3/custom.conf and comment out:


but it didn't work and had to boot with work-around I mentioned above.

Also adding nomodeset allowed me to boot without black screen, but it randomly froze the laptop forcing to do a force shutdown. So I removed nomodeset.