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Alistair Sutter (taitair) wrote :

Thanks everyone, 4.17.2 seems to fix the problem. Did not need any acpi GRUB parameters and unblacklisted i2c-hid without any problems.

I now have touchpad control!

To anyone who runs into this problem here is the solution:

- get the prerequisits: sudo apt install git fakeroot build-essential ncurses-dev xz-utils libssl-dev bc
- Download the source for kernel 4.17.2 on
- Extract the tar.xz file in a folder of your choosing with tar -xJf.
- Go in the extracted folder and copy your current configuration which is in /boot/ with `cp /boot/config-$(uname -r) ./.config` (Might need to be root)
- run `make menuconfig`, save the config to .config and exit.
- run `make -j <numberofavailablecpucores>` (if you forget -j it will take for ever)
- run `make modules_install -j <numberofavailablecpucores>`
- run `make install -j <numberofavailablecpucores`

If everything goes correctly, initramfs and grub should get updated automatically, if not:

- run `update-initramfs -c -k 4.17.2`
- run `update-grub`

Kernel was now installed correctly. Make sure i2c-hid is not blacklisted and reboot.

Hope this helps someone!