System doesn't boot properly on Gigabyte AM4 motherboards (AMD Ryzen)

Bug #1671360 reported by Maciej Dziardziel on 2017-03-09
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Kai-Heng Feng
Kai-Heng Feng

Bug Description

Gigabyte AM4 boards users cannot boot Ubuntu successfully.
Commit linux-gpio/fixes babdc22b0ccf4ef5a3075ce6e4afc26b7a279faf "pinctrl/amd: Use regular interrupt instead of chained" can fix the issue.

[Test Case]
All Gigabyte AM4 boards can reproduce the issue.
With the patch, the issue is resolved, per comment #170.

[Regression Potential]
Regression Potential is low. It limits to rather new AMD platform which has pinctrl-amd.
As the commit log says, use chained interrupt is not a good idea. Use regular interrupt is the correct way.

I also test the patch on an AMD laptop, where its touchpad depends on pinctrl-amd. No regression found.

Original bug report:
I'm trying to run ubuntu on Ryzen 1700x with Gigabyte GA-AB350-gaming-3 motherboard,
and it has a load of problems, starting with not being able to boot normally.

During normal boot, on 16.10 as well as 17.04 beta:
system doesn't boot normally, hangs with a lot of "unexpected irq trap at vector 07"
messages displayed.

Following advice from various places, I've tried:disable cpu freq governor and cpu handling in acpi settings

1. add "acpi=off" to boot params

That helps, allowing me to boot into recovery mode, though it leaves me with system seeing only one core, is really slow and still only boots in recovery mode.

2. Compile own kernel using 4.11.rc1 and disabling cpu freq governor and cpu handling in acpi settings. Boot with "quiet loglevel=3" option.

That gets me even further - system sees all cores now. Still only recovery mode though,
but its enough to get info for this bug report.

Some observed problems:

1. dmesg reports *a lot* of messages like this all the time:

[ 163.362068] ->handle_irq(): ffffffff87a7e090,
[ 163.362081] bad_chained_irq+0x0/0x40
[ 163.362089] ->handle_irq(): ffffffff87a7e090,
[ 163.362090] amd_gpio_irq_handler+0x0/0x200
[ 163.362090] ->irq_data.chip(): ffffffff88587e20,
[ 163.362090] ioapic_ir_chip+0x0/0x120
[ 163.362090] ->action(): ffffffff884601c0
[ 163.362091] IRQ_NOPROBE set
[ 163.362099] ->handle_irq(): ffffffff87a7e090,
[ 163.362099] amd_gpio_irq_handler+0x0/0x200
[ 163.362100] ->irq_data.chip(): ffffffff88587e20,
[ 163.362100] ioapic_ir_chip+0x0/0x120
[ 163.362101] ->action(): ffffffff884601c0

I've tried to redirect dmesg to a file, stopped after a short while, it generated 400M of those.

2. Systemd cannot start journald. Perhaps because it cannot cope with amount of kernel logs?

3. Looking at pci, I've noticed something called AMDI0040 (/sys/bus/acpi/devices/AMDI0040, path=_SB_.EMMC), among AMDI0010, AMDI0020, AMDI0030. Those however are mentioned in kernel source, kernel and google are completely silent about AMDI0040.

Phoronix tested ryzen using different motherboard, and it worked better (though not well),
so I suspect it is an issue with motherboard.
ApportVersion: 2.20.4-0ubuntu2
Architecture: amd64
DistroRelease: Ubuntu 17.04
InstallationDate: Installed on 2015-08-06 (581 days ago)
InstallationMedia: Kubuntu 15.10 "Wily Werewolf" - Alpha amd64 (20150728.1)
Package: linux (not installed)
 PATH=(custom, no user)
Tags: zesty
Uname: Linux 4.11.0-rc1-custom x86_64
UnreportableReason: The running kernel is not an Ubuntu kernel
UpgradeStatus: Upgraded to zesty on 2017-03-03 (6 days ago)

_MarkForUpload: True

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apport-collect 1671360

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Joseph Salisbury (jsalisbury) wrote :

Did this issue start happening after an update/upgrade? Was there a prior kernel version where you were not having this particular problem?

Would it be possible for you to test the latest upstream kernel? Refer to . Please test the latest v4.11 kernel[0].

If this bug is fixed in the mainline kernel, please add the following tag 'kernel-fixed-upstream'.

If the mainline kernel does not fix this bug, please add the tag: 'kernel-bug-exists-upstream'.

Once testing of the upstream kernel is complete, please mark this bug as "Confirmed".

Thanks in advance.


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Maciej Dziardziel (fiedzia) wrote :

The issue had nothing to do with upgrades, its the same problem on 16.10 as well as on 17.04.
I've tested it on my system and on live ubuntu on usb.

I've tried to use mainline kernel and the problem is still there.

tags: added: kernel-bug-exists-upstream
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Maciej Dziardziel (fiedzia) wrote :

I've found a workaround (requires compiling own kernel, tested on 4.11 and r4.11rc1):

When configuring kernel (I used make menuconfig) disable following things:

Everything under device drivers/gpio support, especially:
memory mapped files/amd promontory support (GPIO_AMDPT)
and pci gpio expanders / amd 8111 gpio driver (GPIO_AMD8111)
but I've turned of everything to make sure nothing is using gpio.

device drivers / pin controllers / amd gpio pin control (PINCTRL_AMD)

Perhaps only one of them could be really necessary, but I didn't tested that.

System boots normally, no problems with journald and no weird messages from dmesg.

Robert Sandru (rsandru) wrote :

Maciej, do you have any suggestions if there is no previous OS installed? Any way for to fix the installation image so that I can at least get a base installation going?

Eric Hartmann (hartmann-eric) wrote :

Guys, I've updated the firmware of my GA-X370-gaming-5 to F4 and with kernel 4.10.1 and acpi=off it's almost working. My last issue is that only one core is available.

I've tested with Fedora 25 (4.8 kernel with backports) and everything is working perfectly : all cores are available so it may due to kernel configuration, but I did not find where the issue is.

Maciej Dziardziel (fiedzia) wrote :

> Maciej, do you have any suggestions if there is no previous OS installed?

You may try to boot with those options:

acpi=off quiet loglevel=3

(just acpi=off might be enough). That should get you through installation.

Cosmin Mutu (cosmin-mutu) wrote :

Getting same problem on AMD Ryzen X18700 with GIGABYTE AB350-GAMING3 motherboard (F5 - latest bios version)

Setting acpi=off gets me into login screen but fails to authenticate me .. so, I`m stuck there.

This occured when I tried to upgrade from 16.04 to 16.10 ... then I tried installing the 17.04 with same problems ... instal was hitting the IRQ vector 07 problem.

If you guys need any other info, please let me know and I can collect some more.

Cosmin Mutu (cosmin-mutu) wrote :

AMD Ryzen X1800 (don`t know how a 7 got in there)

Cosmin Mutu (cosmin-mutu) wrote :

authentication does work from terminal ( ctrl-alt-f1 )

Cosmin Mutu (cosmin-mutu) wrote :

Just booted 16.04 from disk (try mode) and it works without problems ... attached a screenshot also

Heiko Hartmann (yrwyddfa) wrote :

I can confirm that for Ryzen X1700 and same Mainboard as mentioned by Cosmin. Ubuntu Studio 16.04 is working without any problems, Live version of 16.10 messes up with thousands of IRQ traps.

Robert Sandru (rsandru) wrote :

Still no dice.

Tried another path:
- Installed on a spare HDD using VMware in Windows (assigned full disk to VMware), no additional drivers or anything changed
- Updated kernel to 4.11rc1 (using prebuild binaries)
- Updated grub parameters: acpi=off quiet loglevel=3
- Rebooted computer with that drive as the boot disk

Still gets stuck during startup. Removing the acpi=off parameter spews again the irq trap messages so same situation.

Setup is 1700X on Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming 5 motherboard
For all it's worth I'm also using an NVMe bootdrive - not sure it makes a difference.

Giving up until a kernel dev with the appropriate knowledge looks into this.

Cosmin Mutu (cosmin-mutu) wrote :

Installed 16.04 - runs just fine (just like Heiko mentioned above). All 16 cpu`s are visible, however, no way to get temp information (sensors can`t find anything).

Robert Sandru (rsandru) wrote :

Cosmin, when you say you installed 16.04, do you mean Ubuntu Studio 16.04 or the standard distribution?

Did you install the OS from scratch using an USB stick of some other media? You were trying to do an update to 17.04 so did 16.04 boot initially correctly? Please provide details, just saying it works isn't helping to pinpoint the issue.

Eric Hartmann (hartmann-eric) wrote :

As Maciej Dziardziel suggest, I've rebuild 4.10.1 kernel and deactivated GPIO_AMDPT, GPIO_AMD8111 and PINCTRL_AMD.
The system was booting correctly, however I cannot use any USB keyboard.
So I've rebuild the kernel, deactivating only PINCTRL_AMD and everything is working fine now.

Here is my setup : Aorus GA-X370-Gaming-5 with Ryzen 1800X.

And here is the link of the builds :

Huang YangWen (yangwen5301) wrote :

Works find with Ubuntu 16.04 + 4.10.1-041001-generic

The kernel is downloaded from Ubuntu website

motherboard ASUS PRIME B350-PLUS.

Huang YangWen (yangwen5301) wrote :

CPU is Ryzen 1700x

However lm-sensor is not working properly.

Maciej Dziardziel (fiedzia) wrote :

Huang YangWen: can you attach result of those command:

ls -l /sys/bus/acpi/devices/
sudo lspci -vvnn

I wonder what the differences between motherboards are. I suspect Gigabyte has something other boards don't have.

Cosmin Mutu (cosmin-mutu) wrote :

@Robert ... sure, let me clarify the events.

1. I had Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for some time already running on my system.
2. I bought AMD Ryzen 1800 + Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 and I took the SSD from the old system and pushed it into the new one
3. Everything worked fine, except I had to install NVIDIA drivers (I also bought a better video card)
4. I noticed I couldn`t get CPU temperature, so I tried my luck by upgrading to 16.10 (BAD DECISION)
----> during OS boot the IRQ VECTOR 07 error is repeated over and over
5. I then downloaded the 17.04 on a disk, and tried to install it
----> ended up with IRQ VECTOR 07 error during install (so, no go)
6. I tried the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS from a disk (which was the origin of the OS at step 1 ...) --> worked fine
7. I installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and here I am .. back at step 3 :)

I`ve never installed STUDIO, only DESKTOP as in this :

Cosmin Mutu (cosmin-mutu) wrote :

"on a disk" I mean on a DVD :)

Cosmin Mutu (cosmin-mutu) wrote :

@Maciej : I think you missunderstood ... both Gigabyte (mine) and Asus boards (Huang`s) work fine with 16.04 LTS ... what you need to do .. is ask Huang to try his luck with 16.10 :) or 17.04

So, Huang, can you make 2 DVD`s .. one with 16.10 and another with 17.04 (or 2 bootable flashes) and just "TRY" both of them, without installing ... I wonder if that works for you.

Robert Sandru (rsandru) wrote :

Hi Cosmin, thanks a lot for the details.

I can see a couple of differences that I need to look into:
 - Chipset is different B350 vs. X370
 - I attempted the fresh 16.04 install from a USB stick instead of a DVD (I've got no optical drive at all, so can't test that) -> IRQ TRAP.... (same with 16.10 and 17.04 beta)

So my next tentative will be to take the drive out from that computer, install in a different one and perform the 16.04 install and move it back to the Ryzen system. That would be similar to your initial state with a working 16.04.

One last question (:-), was your existing 16.04 running on a special kernel version before you moved your SSD to your new Ryzen system?


Robert Sandru (rsandru) wrote :

@Eric: I've managed to boot the system using your custom built kernel!

Not usable really now as the nvidia driver installation is failing but much better...

So clearly the code around PINCTRL_AMD seems to be related.

Daniele (protomucca) wrote :

Dear All,

I had exactly the same situation of post #23. Coming from Kubuntu 16.04, bought a new system Ryzen 1800x+GA-AB350 Gaming 3.
First boot, using the "old" SSD worked fine, so I decided to upgrade to version 16.10. The procedure goes well, but after the reboot got plenty of error message "IRQ VECTOR 07".
So I tried with a USB stick and Kubuntu live version 17.04 both beta 1 and Nightly but got the same error.
The only way to make the system working, is to manually select kernel 4.4.0-64-generic from grub.

I've also tried to install ubuntu kernel 4.10 and 4.11rc1, but I always get the same error.

Hope this helps

Eric Hartmann (hartmann-eric) wrote :

@Robert, on Ubuntu 16.10 you can install the nvidia-378 drivers that contains the fix for the kernel 4.10 (I'm using it).

The patches are available here also :

Eric Hartmann (hartmann-eric) wrote :

@Marciej here are the results for GA-X370-Gaming-5 board (with 1800X processor).
Please note that it's the result on 4.10.1 with PINCTRL_AMD removed.

Eric Hartmann (hartmann-eric) wrote :

And lspci

Cosmin Mutu (cosmin-mutu) wrote :

@Robert : what I have on DVD is an image of 16.04.01 LTS :

So, I would suggest you "try / install" this first, and then update to 16.04.02
At least that`s how it worked for me.

Current kernel that I have (didn`t performed any tricks to get this in place, it`s just from installing 16.04.01 and upgrading to 16.04.02 via normal upgrade procedure) :

$ uname -a
Linux alpha-desktop 4.4.0-66-generic #87-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 3 15:29:05 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Cosmin Mutu (cosmin-mutu) wrote :

By normal upgrade procedure I mean :

1. Right Click on "Power Icon" (top right corner)
2. Select "About this computer"
3. On opened pop-up in the bottom right corner there should be a button which either says "Update" or "System Up-To-Date"

Let me know if the 16.04.01 install worked ... hope it does!

anders_c_ (anders-c-) wrote :

Ryzen 1700
Gigabyte ab350 Gaming 3

I created a usb with 16.04.1 and it starts without problems. When i tried to install it asked if I wanted UEFI or bios mode, UEFI failed to install but bios worked.

blarg (blargblarg) wrote :

Disable the CPU based USB ports - That's all of the version 3.0 ones. Probably most of the rear and front ports.

Only use the 3.1 or 2.0 USB ports associated with the B350 southbridge.

anders_c_ (anders-c-) wrote :

Looked around in bios but found no way to disable the CPU USBs.
Tried to boot with nothing connected to them but it failed with same error messages as before.

Marc Singer (nextized) wrote :

I can replicate the issue on a Gigabyte GA370x Gaming 5 Mainboard with AMD 1700x. After I upgraded Mint to Linux 4.10.3 the bug even happened on older kernel versions installed with Ukuu (I could only boot on 4.4.0 used as default on Mint 18.2)

James Willcox (snorp) wrote :

I have this issue with a Ryzen 1800X and a Gigabyte GA-AB350 Gaming (not 3) mainboard. I can boot the live desktop from USB if I pass acpi=off, but /proc/cpuinfo lists only one core.

Eric Joslyn (mirth99) wrote :

I have exactly the same problem with a Gigabyte AB350-Gaming 3 motherboard and a Ryzen 1800+.

- Ubuntu variations (Ubuntu, Neon, Kubuntu, Budgie) and openSUSE do not work out of the box. They stall with a bunch of 'irq trap at vector 07' messages.
- For all of these, after adding acpi=off to the kernel parameters, it runs/installs, but runs on only one core. The system locks up when you try to shutdown.
- I tried other acpi parameters but nothing seems to make a difference. Only acpi=off has an effect.
- Fedora and KaOSx run and install with no obvious problem.

Here is some additional information. I built upstream kernel 4.11-rc5 with


and blacklisted pinctrl-amd so as to able to boot that kernel and set up netconsole. Doing a

    modprobe pinctrl-amd

then results in a crash (obviously) and output along the lines of what you can see in the attached files. Case A seems to be more common than B. In case B, the system can still be used for a few seconds before becoming unresponsive.

summary: - System doesn't boot properly on AMD Ryzen / Gigabyte GA-AB350-gaming-3
+ System doesn't boot properly on Gigabyte AM4 motherboards (AMD Ryzen)
tags: added: xenial yakkety
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Marc Singer (nextized) wrote :

@kaihengfeng I don't think this will be accepted by upstream, since it's hardcoding hardware descriptors as magic numbers into the module.

Could you try the newest version of the nvidia drivers compatible with 4.11

Could someone from Canonical please answer, why this module is enabled by default on ubuntu? On other distributions it's disabled (maybe for stability / compatiblity reasons). And we still got no clue about what the functions of the GPIO Pins even are. I would like to get an answer to that.

Wenbin Leo (wenbinleo) wrote :

Test result of
on AX370-Gaming K5-CF:
Boots without IRQ error.
All devices work but ALC1220 audio codec, which is the same as previous 4.10 kernels.

Kai-Heng Feng (kaihengfeng) wrote :

Actually, there are lots of workaround/qurik table in linux kernel itself.

This module is essential for touchpad on AMD laptop. Any distro wants to have AMD laptop support should enable this.

Marc Singer (nextized) wrote :

Hello Guys

Just compiled a new version (4.11.2) for Ubuntu:

Please test it on your plattform. Confirmed works with nvidia 381

Answer from AMD developers who created this module:

Hi nextized,
This issue has been reported by a few of them, all on the Gigabyte Platform. We aren’t seeing this issue on our reference platform. We are working with other teams to resolve this issue.
- Ram

Woody (wo0dy) wrote :

That is great news Marc, thank you for keeping us posted

Kai-Heng Feng (kaihengfeng) wrote :

Good to know AMD and Gigabyte are working on this issue.
So I don't need to send the patch to upstream, but as an Ubuntu sauce patch.

DIONYSIS KAPATSORIS (dfk7677) wrote :

I confirm your kernel works with GA-AB350M-Gaming 3 and the nvidia-381 drivers.

Tekkla (tekkla) wrote :


Your kernel works like a charm on my GA-AB350-Gaming3. No problems at all. NV 381 beta driver works for me too. Thanks for your work!

Lei Ni (nilei81) wrote :

@Marc, thanks again for the Kernel! It works great on my GA-AB350M-Gaming 3 + Ryzen 1700 + NVIDIA 381.22. Audio, SATA, NVME SSD all work fine with the new kernel.

Hein (heinhuiz) wrote :

Will @Marc's kernel work with UEFI RAID? I'm trying to build a 2-disk system with root and boot on an SSD and swap, tmp and home on a RAID10 config consisting of 4 HDDs. I'd prefer the set-up to be UEFI based because this seems to be the most future proof.

I'm using a GA-AX370-Gaming K3 and an AORUS RX570 graphics card.

Say-Tar Goh (saytargoh) wrote :

Hi guys, I tried nextized's kernels above at Mint 18.1 and each of them worked (AX370-Gaming5). However I wanted to keep up with the latest kernels, and am now running Fedora without a hitch.

I then tried booting OpenSuSE Tumbleweed and got different error messages/kernel panic that seemed to be caused by the same problem, which somebody seemed to have fixed by blacklisting pinctrl-amd:

Need my current machine for production so can't test this back in Ubuntu, but can somebody confirm? If so this will save a lot of people the hassle of eternally patching the kernel.

Woody (wo0dy) wrote :

I tested blacklisting as you described in the reddit post and it did not fix the vector 07 irq trap issue for me on ubuntu 16.04.

Mobo is gigabyte AB350m-HD3

Wenbin Leo (wenbinleo) wrote :

Tested on AX370-Gaming K5-CF:
run flowlessly.
And previous report at #158 about ALC1220 audio codec is wrong. Analog audio did show up in the audio settings after speaker is plugged in, and 5.1 analog output works. Sorry for the misinformation.

edward (deltorodata) wrote :


thanks a lot mate! you are saving the day of all of us. Hope u are not from the NSA heheheh. thanks a lot mate!

Gabi Dumi (djibrille) wrote :

My Gigabyte AB350m G3 decided to play dead today. In the morning it started OK, and after a few light browsing and a little coding I shut it down. After about an hour, when I tried powering it on, it was dead. No fan spin, no LED-s, no sign of life whatsoever. After troubleshooting all day swapping parts, power supplies, removing RAM, re-seating the CPU, I was about ready to start a warranty claim. I still could not believe a month and a half old motherboard could just die without any prior symptoms. It wasn't even overclocked, even the ram was running at only 2133mhz - ultra durable my a**. As a last resort I tried removing the BIOS battery and shorting the clr_cmos jumper with the battery removed and it came back to life.
After all the problems I had with Ubuntu support, when things started to look like they were improving, this made me think seriously about ordering an Asus or even AsRock replacement board for when it decides to have some other annoying problem. I would not recommend this board in the current state, especially not for an Ubuntu Linux system.
Sorry for not being exactly on topic since this is probably not Linux or Ubuntu related. Unless Ubuntu does something strange on shutdown?

OdelPasso (berillions) wrote :


I would like to buy the Gigabyte AB350M-gaming 3 + AMD Ryzen 5 1600X and do you know if this issue exist on Debian Stretch/Sid ?

Thanks for your help,

Woody (wo0dy) wrote :

@Gabi Its a known issue with the gigabyte boards. It is known as coldboot issue I believe. The reset procedure is to take the cmos battery out, leave the pc unplugged and batteryless for about 10 minutes and then it will work again. I had the same first reaction as you when I had the issue first time. Not fun.
 Typically it happens when the machine is left powered down for a while.

buzuk56 (buzuk56) wrote :

I faced a similar issue with my Gigabyte mother board Z68 a couple of month ago and I sorted out the problem by applying the [2] below.

May be you could have a go with [1] or [2]


Good luck.


description: updated
Gabi Dumi (djibrille) wrote :

I also have a Gigabyte Z68-ud3h-b3 in another computer (i5 2500k) and event though it's approaching 10 years old, and it's overclocked, it never did that (there were times when it would not cold boot, but at least the fans moved and you could reset the bios via clr_cmos, no problem). My brother has a Gigabyte z97 board and this never happened to him. I will try replacing the power supply since it is quite old, maybe it's related? I measured all the rails with a DMM though and they were in spec but there could be something a multimeter can't detect like noise on the lines or too much delay on startup signal. Thanks for the info anyway!

The board would not turn on at all, no fans ,no power supply start, nothing. And when it did start, it booted the normal bios no problem so it seems to me it wasn't bios corruption.

Anyway, it works OK now, hopefully it was just an isolated event.
While I was troubleshooting yesterday, I noticed on the back of the board there were very fine traces of silver colored residue. It looked like the board was soldered with solder paste and some of it spilled and flowed down on the PCB. I cleaned it as best as I could but I'm still worried about it. Any of you had this, or am I just being paranoid?

Seth Forshee (sforshee) on 2017-06-01
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Tekkla (tekkla) wrote :


Woody (wo0dy) wrote :

Will the fix get backported or become available on Xenial? (16.04)

Kai-Heng Feng (kaihengfeng) wrote :

I remember someone mentioned there's no such issue on 4.4 kernel?
Anyway, you can use Zesty's kernel in Xenial.
Install package "linux-generic-hwe-16.04-edge" will do.

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

Status changed to 'Confirmed' because the bug affects multiple users.

Changed in linux (Ubuntu Zesty):
status: New → Confirmed

I had the same problem with my Aorus X370, changed for a ASUS prime,
everything is working, even the overclock.

On Wed, May 31, 2017 at 4:21 PM Gabi Dumi <email address hidden>

> My Gigabyte AB350m G3 decided to play dead today. In the morning it
> started OK, and after a few light browsing and a little coding I shut it
> down. After about an hour, when I tried powering it on, it was dead. No fan
> spin, no LED-s, no sign of life whatsoever. After troubleshooting all day
> swapping parts, power supplies, removing RAM, re-seating the CPU, I was
> about ready to start a warranty claim. I still could not believe a month
> and a half old motherboard could just die without any prior symptoms. It
> wasn't even overclocked, even the ram was running at only 2133mhz - ultra
> durable my a**. As a last resort I tried removing the BIOS battery and
> shorting the clr_cmos jumper with the battery removed and it came back to
> life.
> After all the problems I had with Ubuntu support, when things started to
> look like they were improving, this made me think seriously about ordering
> an Asus or even AsRock replacement board for when it decides to have some
> other annoying problem. I would not recommend this board in the current
> state, especially not for an Ubuntu Linux system.
> Sorry for not being exactly on topic since this is probably not Linux or
> Ubuntu related. Unless Ubuntu does something strange on shutdown?
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> report.
> Title:
> System doesn't boot properly on Gigabyte AM4 motherboards (AMD Ryzen)
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Gabi Dumi (djibrille) wrote :

I noticed a new beta BIOS ( version F5c) has appeared for AB350m G3, has anyone tried it yet?
Does it now properly boot from a live Ubuntu image?
I just got a new power supply, I think I will also try the new BIOS on the coming weekend.

Woody (wo0dy) wrote :

When should we expect the update with the fix to be available in Xenial? I have linux-generic-hwe-16.04-edge installed, but haven't seen any improvement.

Stefan Bader (smb) on 2017-06-09
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Zesty):
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Kai-Heng Feng (kaihengfeng) wrote :


According to [1], it will be released to -updates at 26-June.

It will be at -proposed before that.


Tony Brobston (tbro) wrote :

buzuk56's solution worked for me. I'm using Ryzen 5 1500X with Gigabyte GA-AB350-gaming-3.

Thanks! So glad to have Ubuntu on this machine.

Navdeep Singh (nsingh-s) wrote :


Will your update be available on June26 on ? Those seems to be stuck on date when zesty was released. Do they files get updated as bugs get fixed?

ubuntu-17.04-desktop-amd64.iso 2017-04-12 03:46

Kai-Heng Feng (kaihengfeng) wrote :

Unfortunately no. I don't think image for Zesty will get any updates.

If you want to do a fresh install, you need to use parameters like "apci=off" to install. You can remove "acpi=off" after upgrading the system.

This bug is awaiting verification that the kernel in -proposed solves the problem. Please test the kernel and update this bug with the results. If the problem is solved, change the tag 'verification-needed-zesty' to 'verification-done-zesty'. If the problem still exists, change the tag 'verification-needed-zesty' to 'verification-failed-zesty'.

If verification is not done by 5 working days from today, this fix will be dropped from the source code, and this bug will be closed.

See for documentation how to enable and use -proposed. Thank you!

tags: added: verification-needed-zesty
Woody (wo0dy) wrote :

Must verification/testing be done in Zesty? I have Xenial on my machine.

Hi @wo0dy,

You can verify the bug on Xenial by installing linux-generic-hwe-16.04-edge= which is currently on -proposed pocket. This kernel also have the fix for this bug.

Thank you.

Tekkla (tekkla) wrote :

Hi @all,

I tested it and I'm not sure that I did it right. The wiki link is somewhat outdated, because it relys on aptitude, which seems not to be installed with Zesty. Nevermind. I now have installed a kernel named

4.10.0-23-generic #25-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jun 9 09:39:09 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

It works flawless. Is this the proposed kernel to test? Any if yes, where do I have to add the needed 'verification-done-zesty' tag?

Thank you.

Hi @tekkla,

Yes, kernel 4.10.0-23 is the one in -proposed for Zesty. So thank you for verifying it!

The tags are located just below the bug description. I will update it myself.

Thanks you.

tags: added: verification-done-zesty
removed: verification-needed-zesty
Woody (wo0dy) wrote :

Hi I have installed the kernel, I'm running it on Xenial now and it works good. No IRQ07 issues what so ever. Thanks everyone involved!

Richard (rs-workmail) wrote :

I can confirm that 4.10.0-23-generic #25~16.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jun 9 10:45:17 UTC 2017 works
with a Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming 5 and UEFI version F5. (Ubuntu 16.04)

Adie (a.k.) wrote :

I confirm package linux-generic-hwe-16.04-edge= fix this bug for me on my gigabyte motherboard and Zesty

nickleplated (nickleplated) wrote :

Does the recent security related release (4.10.0-24) also include this fix, or should I skip it and get 4.10.0-25 from -proposed?

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