Comment 158 for bug 1653456

aljosa (aljosa-p) wrote :

Hello Daniel,
in my opinion, with your finding regarding the Anaconda pre-installation setup of Fedora 28 Atomic Workstation and "ELAN1203:00 04F3:3043" touchpad - we are very close to final, definitive solution for our annoying problem.
I have just asked for help at the link that you suggested.
I have found some contacts thay you asked for, if you can anyhow please ask them for help:

Atomic-devel -- Development list for Project Atomic:

Projectatomic issues:

Fedora workstation-ostree-config issues:

Fedora Workstation/AtomicWorkstation contacts:
otaylor [at], mclasen [at]; miabbott [at]


GitHub rhinstaller/anaconda

GitHub rhinstaller/initial-setup

anaconda-patches, contact the list owners: anaconda-patches-owner [at]