Comment 148 for bug 1653456

Clément Gayot (striffly) wrote :

Partial solution found !

After three months of research, I came by chance on this website :

# cd /sys/bus/hid/drivers/hid-multitouch
# ls
0018:04F3:3043.0007 bind module new_id uevent unbind
# echo "0018:04F3:3043.0007" > unbind
# echo 0018 04F3 3043 0013 > new_id

With libinput-devices, two devices are now listed :
ELAN1203:00 04F3:3043 Mouse
ELAN1203:00 04F3:3043 Touchpad

Touchpad mouse and buttons works, but no solution for multitouch (no gesture capabilities for Elan Mouse on kernel 4.15). I continue my research in relation to that.

You can make this persistent by creating a service that launch a bash script with these commands on OS startup.