Comment 134 for bug 1653456

Benjamin Wynne (bwynne) wrote :

Well, I couldn't let this one go. I did the following - call me paranoid if you like...

1) Downloaded WinIAP_Fix, and the MSI firmware I mentioned earlier as a comparison.
2) Compared the readable strings of corresponding executables - nothing suspicious, files look like different versions of same executable.
3) Uploaded file to a number of virus-scanning websites - nothing suspicious reported.
4) Loaded Win10 virtual machine, opened the firmware update utility, then ran virus scanners in VM - nothing suspicious reported.


5) Installed the firmware update in my real Win10 partition.

Confirming that this fixes the touchpad in Ubuntu 17.04, and that the touchpad still works in Win10.

I still can't guarantee that this didn't install a virus somewhere, but it's nice to have the touchpad working!