Comment 32 for bug 1348890

verion GmbH (sales-ixsoft) wrote :

This bug affects all current ASUS UX305FA models, tested with BIOS 206 and 207 and Kernel 3.19 and up to Kernel 4.0.4 from mainline. Kernel parameters "acpi_osi=" or "acpi_backlight=intel" do not work at all, "acpi_osi" only disables the WMI control (possibly another bug).

How are these ACPI events generated? If the BIOS does not supply the event, maybe it must be enabled with some control sequence? (acpi_listen mostly doesn't say anything if pressing Fn+F-keys.)

I saw that e.g. for newer hybrid touchpads, you need to initialize the device with an ACPI command so that it will either work in PS2 or I2C mode. Otherwise it will either be "off" or the mode is not what I wanted. Maybe this works the same way here and we only have to enable these key events?