Comment 97 for bug 1283938

I am running Xubuntu 14.04 (upgraded from 13.10) and I just experienced the blank screen after I resumed from a suspend. I wasn't having problems with resuming from suspend until today. I put my desktop into suspend by using the logout button in the upper right corner and choosing the suspend option this morning.

When i came home from work I hit my power button (it was flashing like it always does when in suspend mode) and both my monitors acted like they were receiving a signal (power buttons remained lite) but I couldn't do anything. Just a blank black screen. I couldn't go to tty1 or anything.

I had to hard reboot my machine using the case reset switch. I am not sure what files to post here as far as logs. I am using the Nvidia binary driver 337.19 from their website with a GTX 760. I have an i5-4670k OC'd to 4Ghz with 8GB of DDRIII G-Skill Sniper 2133Mhz RAM