Comment 90 for bug 1283938

@biolyasser: I installed Sabayon 14.04 "minimal" version, restore still did not work. It was running just fluxbox. I had to use "echo mem > /sys/power/state" since other ways to suspend (like pm-suspend) were not there. It did suspend but resumed to black screen as usual, except this time it had an underscore char showing in the upper left. It was a 3.14 kernel.

I am using nvidia, and have found no difference between nouveau and nvidia drivers as far as the bug goes.

This problem could be kernel related. For example, on debian wheezy (3.2 kernel) which doesn't have the bug, if I install the backported 3.13 kernel, it will now have the bug. Most of the "action" about suspend/restore bug(s) is on the bug site.