Comment 26 for bug 1129511

FWIW - I downloaded today's (2/21/2013) build of Raring Ringtail 13.04 (raring-desktop-amd64.iso)

I was unable to boot with BIOS set to UEFI from either a DVD or USB stick. It boots to the initial screen of Try Ubuntu, Install Ubuntu, etc. Choosing any option or editing start parameters all result in the screen blanking immediately and nothing further happens for the 30 minutes I let it sit.

It will boot normally with BIOS set to Legacy. I was able to try Ubuntu from the USB stick. It installed normally from USB stick and subsequently ran from HDD normally - I didn't spend any real time trying to stress or break it, just opened several apps and used them without any apparent problems.

I am happy with and willing to leave my BIOS set to Legacy and run the machine in this mode. I'm just reporting what is and isn't working.

If it's all the same to everyone watching this I would like to install 12.04LTS on the box to get it into normal daily use. If further information is needed I'll do my best to help out, it will take some time though if I need to reinstall 12.10 or 13.04.