Comment 0 for bug 1103320


Ubuntu 13.04 and 12.04.02: Login screen does not appear after installing OS on SL4545 G7 server. Quantal works fine...

Expected Result: Login should be successful. But even after blacklisting, we are unable to get the login screen

Note: System ROM - A31 12/06/2012
      iLO Firmware Version - 1.55 Oct 26 2012

Severity: Critical
Request Type: pre release issue
Ubuntu OS Details: 13.04, 12.04.2 (01/17/2013) build.
HP Quix ID: QXCR1001260069
Hardware Configuraiton:
Issue Description:
Install Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail or 12.04.2 and reboot the system. Login screen does not appear and video shows as disconnected in management integrated remote console. As well no login in prompt on the server console. But we can ssh to the ssh. 12.10 Quantal works fine without any issue.

Workaround: Boot the system with nomodeset kernel parameter and we can see the login screen. This server has radeon driver for graphics.

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