Comment 10 for bug 1026953

Donjan Rodic (bryonak) wrote :

Confirming that 3.2.0-31.50 produces sound from an Ultrabase Series 3 with a X230 (not tablet), correctly handling pluggin in/out of both the Ultrabase and the Thinkpad. (mine isn't a tablet, but 3.2.0-30.32 didn't work with respect to audio from the dock)

However there is a very strange effect: when plugged into the Ultrabase, every time I do a "GUI highlight" (select an indicator, hover over a menu item, switch windows), there is a cracking static-like noise from the headphones. This is independent of the mouse used, and selecting an indicator and browsing left/right with the keyboard has the same effect, just like alt+tabbing. Simply writing as I do now also causes a very weak static noise, but it's barely audible.
The explanation of "dodgy wiring" within the Ultrabase AFAICT makes little sense because of how the error occurs. I've tried every sensible port combination of USB mouse+keyboard and audio jack on Thinkpad and dock: it consistently produces noise when the headphones are plugged into the dock.
Using the audio jack on the Thinkpad itself causes no such noises, i.e. it's absolutely quiet and the music is perfectly clear.

Should I file a separate bug for the non-tablet X230? And do we get an ETA on when the X230 specific fix by Felix Kaechele is going to land in the LTS release?