Comment 233 for bug 57502

danub (admin-dark-tower) wrote :

What he means by the double booked is that the sata controllers are also on the jmicron controller (so they are on both controllers making them double booked). And while moving your hard drive to a higher numbered sata port gets it off the jmicron controller, this is only a mediocre workaround. Most people don't have a sata cd/dvd rom yet (still PATA) which automatically puts the drive on the jmicron controller (which in the case of my mobo and others, makes that drive "double booked" again, since it is on the ata controller and the jmicron controller).

What needs to happen is that Ubuntu dev's need to get a fix for it. What happens to the people like me that have 8 drives in their box? I automatically lose the option of using 4 of my drives since 2 would be on the ATA/jmicron controller and my first 2 sata ports are on the SATA/jmicron controller. So instead of having a total of 2.5 TB of storage and 3 dvd/cd burners, I would get 1 dvd/cd burner and 1.5 TB of storage. Kinda makes the money I spent on the other drives pointless....