Comment 227 for bug 57502

Just for the record, Feisty and Gutsy both work fine on an Asus P5B
Deluxe WiFi and an Asus P5B Deluxe Twin-View.

On the WiFi edition board, I'm running Feisty (7.04), a DVD-RW is
hanging off the JMicron PATA port (Master). On the Twin-View edition
board, running Gutsy (7.10), there is a 500GB Seagate PATA drive
(Master) and the DVD drive is hanging off of a Promise PCI IDE
controller card.

I can boot from a JMicron DVD, or hard disk drive, no problems.

I suspect mangar is having some other issue... Bad timing off rounded
cables, for instance (do NOT use rounded cables - they can throw IDE
timing all to heck and back). Maybe not, but it works on two of those
controller chips here. Just sayin'...

On Thu, 2007-10-25 at 22:20 +0000, mangar wrote:
> As of final release of 7.10, the problem persists (I've edited my fstab,
> removed splash, added irqpoll)