Comment 17 for bug 364530

Just installed Ubuntu 9.10 amd64 on Tyan Thunder K8SR.
Has same problem

I can boot, log-in, but if I let the system sit with mouse in middle of desktop for a few minutes the mouse and keyboard hang.

*** However ***

If: boot, log-in, immediately click on FireFox, make sure I hit the web, move mouse off FireFox so it quits blinking, then let mouse dwell on desktop for a few minutes, mouse and keyboard are OK. (sounds like xterm "fix")

I though this may have been related to Update Manager trying to make connection but failing. Disabling Update Manager did not fix the problem. Is there anything else the "phones home" about 1-2 minutes after log-in? If so, how can I experiment by selectively turning them off.

Note, my Linux/Ubuntu experience is trying to get this sucker installed on Tyan server box with two AMD Opteron 270 processors. IOW completely lost.