Comment 43 for bug 545778

Rolando Gorgs (rolandogorgs) wrote :

I don't see any progress here. Meanwhile some corresponding Bugs at Thunderbird's Bugzilla have been closed because this localization issue is a packaging problem and they decided not to provide any new (localized) Lightning versions via AddOn functionality because they already ship it with thunderbird. But ubuntu doesn't. Fact is that there is no way (aside from extracting lightning from the official Thunderbird distributioin) to have Thunderbird with localized calendar in ubuntu.

This package bug should have been resolved 8,5 years ago but the users were pushed to install lightning from AddOns instead (a dirty workaround in my eyes). Now this option finally disappeared and nobody seems to care because this is such an old bug?!?

This is so frustrating. :(

Here a link to one of the bugs at bugzilla: