Comment 20 for bug 545778

David, I doed 1.3 version rebuild your source package, me works fine.
Possible I not choosed right way, but I Changed dependencies with
following in debian/control file:
Depends: xul-ext-lightning (>= 1.3), xul-ext-lightning (<< 1.5)
Of course, I edited the debian/changelog file, and renamed with
lightning-1.4.locales.xpi file with lightning-1.3.locales.xpi in the
toplevel source directory.
Installation is works good for my system, and I using Lightning 1.3
Ubuntu 12.04 awailable version with hungarian locale.

If I used a horrible method the 1.3 Lightning localization packages
generation, can you describe me officialy how can possible generating a
new localization package if have a new stable version of
xul-ext-lightning package in the official Ubuntu repository? I newer
created Mozilla localization packages, but very interesting how works
this type packaging.