Comment 5 for bug 968133

Matthieu Baerts (matttbe) wrote :

As I said on IRC (#ubuntu-artwork), I can fix this bug by adding '.menu,' just before "Genericmenuitem .menu, DbusmenuGtkMenu .menu," on gtk-widgets.css:1045 but of course, this is a problem for other apps.

Submenu's background is dark:

It's a bit strange because the menu is normal and the text is made for a dark menu...
It seems for the menu it doesn't use:
    Genericmenuitem .menu,
    DbusmenuGtkMenu .menu,
    .menubar .menu,
    .primary-toolbar .menu {

But for menu items, it uses the configuration set in:
     Genericmenuitem .menuitem,
     DbusmenuGtkMenu .menuitem,
     .menubar .menuitem,
     .primary-toolbar .menuitem {

I see that Unity has its own .css file. Is maybe Cairo-Dock needs that too?

Or is it maybe a bug in Cairo-Dock?

PS: on the gtk-widgets.css file of the Radiance theme, I think there is a mistake at the line 1282: there is a dot at the end of the line instead of a comma.
        Genericmenuitem .menuitem .accelerator:hover,
=> DbusmenuGtkMenu .menuitem .accelerator:hover.
        .menubar .menuitem .accelerator:hover,