Comment 10 for bug 873702

Tobias (ulbricht-tobias) wrote :

Confirm this bug again.
Since Björn Michaelsen is the libreoffice packaging guru, I'll stop my heuristic search for the bug at this point:

1. Looking at the libreoffice-translations archiv:
At least I found that all those functions that are _only_ present in
scaddins/source/analysis.po (e.g.)
and _not_ also in

seem to be in GERMAN language, e.g.:

tobias@einstein:de$ grep MONAT * -lr
tobias@einstein:de$ grep MONATE * -lr

While MONATE() is german, MONTH() is english.

2. It seems a little weird with the _ADD functions, since
e.g. the GGT is wrongly displayed in english as GCD(),
but the GGT_ADD() function is german.
I cannot find the msgid in either po-file, only in
So I guess these are composed internally to the GGT_ADD() somehow.

3. Comparing with other platforms: Also tried to build libreoffice to find out what is different to other platforms, but hey, I would need help here. Looking at the debian/rules it's no big deal to predict that the deb-packages from are different than the ubuntu-packages.
One should check if this bug exists in the debian/testing or debian/sid releases.

4. Also: It does not change anything using the configuration switch: "LibreOffice Calc -> Formula -> Use english function names"

5. This bug is severely keeping me away from installing it.
All educational institutions should not install this localized version.

Hope something helps here.