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In , Björn Michaelsen (bjoern-michaelsen) wrote :

(In reply to Yousuf (Jay) Philips from comment #2)
> Though the human theme isnt bundled by default with libreoffice, it is the
> default icon theme used for LO in Ubuntu and its flavours, except Kubuntu,
> so i'd assume it would be good to make sure that Canonical doesnt have an
> issue with this.

Right. I would really not enjoy killing the Human theme, as likely it would just mean that I would need to carry it as a cumbersome vendor patch anyway, just creating lots of pointless work along the way.

What is the point/goal of this anyway? The human theme can be turned off by a configure switch and IIRC isnt even enabled by default. If the goal is to make Ubuntu ship a different default, this certainly isnt the way towards that goal (see above).

If you want a different default in Ubuntu, the way to go about that is filing a request on launchpad at Ubuntu and get that nodded of by Ubuntus design team.

(As a general note this bug doesnt seem to be too well scoped: it describes no clear goal and mixes too many things: removing themes, adding themes, changing defaults with the latter being off-topic here beyond TDF builds.)