Comment 67 for bug 1530523

     Yes, I do have that package installed. However, your email alerted
me to what my problem really is. I am doing development using python and
I have a private installation of python3.6. The DriverManager_DBus
script is getting my installation of python3. I tried installing the
"dbus-python" module for python 3.6, but it fails to install due to a
missing dependency on "dbus-glib-1" which does not seem to be available

     Anyway, modifying the DriverManager_DBus script to use
"/usr/bin/python3" instead of just "python3" results in a working driver

     So, your libqapt mod fixes the problem, but I found another way to
break it :-)


On 09/02/2017 07:46 PM, Carlo Vanini wrote:
> Hi John,
> could you please check that you have the python3-dbus package installed?
> For me libqapt 3.0.2-0ubuntu1.2 fixed the issue in Xenial.