Comment 21 for bug 363619

André Pirard (a.pirard) wrote :

$ hunspell -d de_med
Hunspell 1.2.8

& öodem 5 0: ödem, Ödem, Codein, demenz, Duodenum

I have written and attached a patch. It works for me.
Please have it validated by a doctor and a hunspell specialist, though.
According to the following, I know nothing about hunspell and languages ;-)
I wouldn't like people to die on top of that ;-)

Remember that this bug causes many collateral damages !!!

Please include this patch as an update to all distributions where de_med.dic is present.
The attached file must be
/usr/share/myspell/dicts/de_med.aff --> symbolic link to the above one

To your health ;-)