Comment 5 for bug 778869

Gunnar Hjalmarsson (gunnarhj) wrote :

Thanks for confirming that, Fumihito.

I propose that equivalent changes are merged into the Lucid and Maverick backports. Branches with the changes (links above) were uploaded to my PPA (, and the resulting builds have been installed and run successfully.

When working with the backports, I realized that the changes in the branch intended for Oneiric and Natty were not sufficient; while they addressed the command "fontconfig voodoo -a", the failure to set the configuration by clicking the "Apply System-Wide" button in Language Support hadn't been dealt with. I updated the branch accordingly, so now the merge proposal for Oneiric should be ok. An updated build is available at .

Since the changes will go to lucid-backports, maverick-backports, and - hopefully - natty-proposed, your assistance with testing these new branches would be valuable.