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Matt Sicker (jvz) wrote :

Yeah, it does this for pretty much any file type that the server doesn't recognise. It would be nice if Konqueror could at least start to download the file and try to guess if it's not text/plain for recognised file extensions (e.g. torrent, deb, etc.) based on magic numbers.

This bug is especially annoying for pages that give you a download based on the attachment idea (refreshed to a page with the attachment headers) when you can't just use KGet's action menu to download it (you'd get the wrong filename, another annoying bug related to this).

This also _used_ to be a problem in Firefox, but now they just prompt you on what to do with it (but they also have a bug where it won't remember what you want to do with the file if the MIME type is wrong, so even when you have the "remember what to do" thing ticked, it _doesn't_ remember).