Comment 11 for bug 345776

Harald Sitter (apachelogger) wrote :

This issue occurs when kdesudo is installed but kdebase-runtime gets pushed on top of it, however it appears that only kdebase-runtime and then kdesudo (in that order) is support. Meaning that first runtime needs to be fully configured, so that then kdesudo can applies it's magic ot alter kdesu. If, however, kdesudo gets configured first it probably doesn't apply the magic, leading to this particular file clash.

Nixternal and I agree that this issue should be avoidable by making kdesudo pre-depend on kdebase-runtime. This way kdesudo should not be configured unless kdebase-runtime _is_ configured, which should make kdebase-runtime always be configured before kdesudo.
Then kdesudo gets configured and will do its magic tricks to replace KDE's kdesu with kdesudo.

That is only a theory though, so it should be tested very well and if it actually works out it needs to be applied to intrepid, jaunty and karmic.

If someone knows of a good way on how to cause this clash for testing purpose, please share this knowledge with us :)