Comment 19 for bug 655111

Simon741 (simon-okko) wrote :

Strange thing happening here: I've installed Ubuntu 10.10 a first time on my new MBP 7.1. Wireless worked out of the box (although was a bit unstable).

After having played around a bit, I re-installed everything, this time connecting it to the internet (ethernet) during the install, and activating the "download updates during install" option. With that activated, the wireless didn't work any more and I was unable to install either of the two drivers. The above proposed work-around didn't work.

I installed the system a third time, again connecting it to the internet and downloading the updates during the install. The same happened again.

Now I've installed it a forth time, this time without connecting to the internet. This time again, everything works out of the box (STA driver).

Can anyone reproduce this?