Comment 13 for bug 992262

piotrekkr (piotrekkr) wrote :

@Conor Curran
Ok indicator works fine now but Amarok still terminates after closing using close button. I think that I know what is happening. I've first deleted Amarok (with config files) using synaptic, next I've installed Amarok again. But it did't help so I've also deleted ~/.kde/appps/amarok and ~/.kde/config/amarok*. Default settings was applied so there was an Amarok icon in "tray" on start. When I used close button message was show that amarok will be hidden into tray icon and it hides on close. But AFAIK in unity there should be no "tray icons" just indicators. Second thing why use tray icon if amarok is already in sound indicator? So I've changed settings not to use tray icon. And now Amarok is terminating on close :( Could it be fixed somehow?