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Ted Gould (ted) wrote : Re: [Bug 1215980] Re: [FFe] Freeze exception for converged indicators

On Sat, 2013-08-31 at 19:32 +0000, Steve Langasek wrote:

> Thomas, it appears that indicator-network is currently *NOT* included in
> the Ubuntu Desktop seed. Is it expected to be?

No, that is correct. It is not in the desktop seed and we don't expect
it to be for 13.10.

> As for the FFe itself: this sounds fine, in principle. Can you describe
> what steps you're taking to ensure that the changes made to these
> indicators don't affect the desktop code path for 13.10?

Each indicator is built up of a set of actions, and then views on those
actions that are exported via GMenu over DBus. We export a different
view for each form factor, and also a view for the settings. We expect
to continue to modify the view for the settings and perhaps add actions,
but we don't expect to make feature changes the actions that are used in
the desktop views or the desktop views themselves.