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Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote :

targeted this against the actual affected packages, for clarity.

Thomas, it appears that indicator-network is currently *NOT* included in the Ubuntu Desktop seed. Is it expected to be? Currently the package is in universe, and saucy desktop users do not have it pulled in automatically. In fact, on my system I've noticed that nm-applet is no longer being autostarted, leaving me with no network indicator of any kind on the desktop. Is this supposed to be a dependency of the 'unity' package, like the other indicators are? (For now, I'll leave the indicator-network package off of this FFe; once it's confirmed that the package will be included in the desktop, we can add the bug task.)

Trying to install indicator-network here on my desktop also pulls in some rather odd dependencies via liburl-dispatcher1:

 The following extra packages will be installed:
   click click-apparmor liburl-dispatcher1 python3-apparmor-click python3-click
   upstart-app-launch url-dispatcher

We probably don't want to pull these into the desktop for 13.10, so there may be some more work to be done here regarding the dependencies before this can be seeded.

As for the FFe itself: this sounds fine, in principle. Can you describe what steps you're taking to ensure that the changes made to these indicators don't affect the desktop code path for 13.10?