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In , Daniel Kobras (kobras) wrote : Fixed in NMU of imagemagick 6:

tag 318176 + fixed
tag 325651 + fixed
tag 325720 + fixed


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Format: 1.7
Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2005 01:00:09 +0200
Source: imagemagick
Binary: perlmagick libmagick9 libmagick++9 libmagick9-dev imagemagick libmagick++9-dev
Architecture: source i386
Version: 6:
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Ryuichi Arafune <email address hidden>
Changed-By: Daniel Kobras <email address hidden>
 imagemagick - Image manipulation programs
 libmagick++9 - The object-oriented C++ API to the ImageMagick library
 libmagick++9-dev - The object-oriented C++ API to the ImageMagick library--developme
 libmagick9 - Image manipulation library
 libmagick9-dev - Image manipulation library -- development
 perlmagick - A perl interface to the libMagick graphics routines
Closes: 318176 325651 325720
 imagemagick (6: unstable; urgency=low
   * Non-maintainer upload.
   * New upstream version.
     + Yet another bump of the soname version, this time going from
       7 to 9.
   * debian/*: Cater for soname change and corresponding change of
     library packages names in multiple places.
 imagemagick (6: experimental; urgency=low
   * Non-maintainer upload.
   * New upstream version.
     + Version in library soname was increased from 6 to 7 due to
       changes in binary interface starting with 6.0.7. (Yes, this
       should have happened earlier.) Closes: #318176, #325651, #325720
   * debian/*: Rename packages from libmagick6 to libmagick7, and similar.
     Adjust version in various places accordingly. Drop c2 suffix from
     C++ library package.
   * debian/control: Use shlibs information to generate Depends line for
     imagemagick binary package.
   * debian/control: Remove Pre-Depends on prehistoric version of dpkg.
   * debian/control: Package complies with policy version 3.6.2. Bump
     Standards-Version accordingly.
   * Patches to upstream sources:
     + [bin/Magick++-config.1.debdiff]
       Stray file that seems to have slipped into the previous Debian
       diffs by mistake. Removed now.
     + [magick/blob.c]
       Originally a patch from upstream, now mostly merged. Retaining a
       single hunk that upstream reverted later on, though it still looks
     + [, configure]
       Override location of documentation files to Debian's default
       /usr/share/doc/imagemagick. Patch to configure was present before.
       This release promotes it back to as well. (No ill
       effects because AM_MAINTAINER_MODE is used.)
     + [coders/magick.c]
       Drop patch that exchanges upstream's logo for a DFSG-free version.
       This attempt to address #214623 (distribution of non-free logo)
       missed several other instances of the logo, must be applied to
       the orig.tar.gz rather than the Debian diff, and should have
       some input from upstream, so no point in carrying it around still.
 616b8b1a0a6ae660fe960521b56eb7e7 894 graphics optional imagemagick_6.2.4.5-0.1.dsc
 8d790a280f355489d0cfb6d36ce6751f 6085147 graphics optional imagemagick_6.2.4.5.orig.tar.gz
 be4f901a6f7a6b517f6f371186f9a9b0 27570 graphics optional imagemagick_6.2.4.5-0.1.diff.gz
 658f91be4304287a9f7f799ef537d485 1613118 graphics optional imagemagick_6.2.4.5-0.1_i386.deb
 96b0237292396c9f2cce485087c265e9 1245334 libs optional libmagick9_6.2.4.5-0.1_i386.deb
 82c9708de90ab7b3993c295eddd81661 1576198 libdevel optional libmagick9-dev_6.2.4.5-0.1_i386.deb
 cd8497a8cabaf3f262ed066655211778 166306 libs optional libmagick++9_6.2.4.5-0.1_i386.deb
 2b8257da415a981a8c676180a5771f8a 238858 libdevel optional libmagick++9-dev_6.2.4.5-0.1_i386.deb
 8a5c01deb05346381b3219f33c1db01f 169964 perl optional perlmagick_6.2.4.5-0.1_i386.deb

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