Comment 0 for bug 1332187

Kent Baxley (kentb) wrote :

14.04 LTS (and older) does not support driver injection via micro deb (udeb) package when mounted from iLO virtual media or older Dell Life Cycle Controller (11th Generation Dell servers). 12th Generation Dell servers currently work fine because OEMDRV is being exported as a usb-partition.

iLO and older Dell Lifecycle Controller devices do not present an OEMDRV device with a partition, therefore, the Ubuntu installer overlooks that media as being viable.

Instead of just probing for usb-partitoin in list-devices, the driver-injection-disk script also needs to check the "disk" device via list-devices.

I'll post a possible fix via bzr merge proposal shortly.

This will need to go into 14.10 as well as an update in 14.04 LTS