Comment 9 for bug 1317077

On 7 May 2014 17:08, Nik.Th. <email address hidden> wrote:
> Martin,
> my /etc/modules file has been modified by me, when I tried to fix the
> failure of the service. But I can assure you that didn't contain
> anything related to "off" or similar. Now it has only 'lp' module
> there. Maybe it was related to 'rtc' ? because when I removed 'rtc'
> module the warning:
> Failed to insert 'off': Function not implemented
> disappeared.
> Also, if you can take care off this fuse.conf file inside /lib/modules-
> load.d/ directory it would be better. I mean, this configuration file
> has the same impact on the systemd-module-load.service, it causes its
> failure.

That would be a separate bug. At least on my machine i get:

$ dpkg -S /lib/modules-load.d
osspd, fuse: /lib/modules-load.d

Yet, there aren't suppose to be any.