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Bug #1718129: crashed with TypeError in showIOError(): 'Error' object does not support indexing Medium New 98 weeks

From: Tomas Korbar
Link: hplip-error-print.patch

Use msg variable instead of [0] to acces error message

Bug #1495826: hpps crashed with BrokenPipeError in __main__: [Errno 32] Broken pipe Medium Confirmed 120 weeks

From: Dylan Medina
Link: hpps.patch


Bug #1091567: crashes if a captive portal is used Undecided Confirmed 398 weeks

From: Amarnath Chitumalla

Bug #1061861: crashed with AttributeError in getStatusFromDeviceID(): 'Device' object has no attribute 'raw_deviceID' Medium New 407 weeks

From: Amarnath Chitumalla

Bug #497877: Support Application Indicators Wishlist Incomplete 541 weeks

From: smithj
Link: hplip-497877.patch


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