Comment 11 for bug 61184

 hal ( edgy; urgency=low
   * Add debian/patches/00upstream-05-fix-stale_nfs_handle_block.patch:
     - Do not stat NFS mounts when preparing for suspend to fix hang.
     - Patch taken from upstream git.
     - Closes: LP#64266
   * Add debian/patches/20_laptop-panel-fixes.patch: ThinkPad T60 controls
     screen brightness in hardware, so set the appropriate flag in
     10-laptop-panel-mgmt-policy.fdi. Closes: LP#61184
   * Add debian/patches/21_smartcard_drivetype.patch: Recognize 'Storage-SDC'
     as smart card drive type. Closes: LP#61834
   * Add debian/patches/22-prefer-pmi-over-powersave.patch: Prefer pmi over
     powersave in the suspend/hibernate scripts. Closes: LP#61920
   * debian/patches/17-mp3-player-fdi.patch: Add information about Sandisk
     Corp. Sansa e270. Closes: LP#64300
   * debian/patches/02_ignored_volumes.patch: Ignore Apple bootstrap partitions
     on removable devices, too. Closes: LP#61767
   * Add debian/patches/00upstream-06-stat-dev-not-mountpoint.patch:
     - hald/linux/blockdev.c, blockdev_refresh_mount_state(): Stat the special
       device file, not the mount point's underlying device. This makes hal
       correctly recognize fuse mounts.
     - Patch ported from upstream GIT, thanks to Florent Mertens!;a=commit;h=2ea340399bf8cf3d2bb6bd1b5c4ecbc2042e93d4
     - Closes: LP#35354