Comment 4 for bug 49890

Parameshwara Bhat (peebhat) wrote :

The above bug exists even on Kubuntu/Ubuntu 7.10

There is an additional point. The USB mouse behaves jerky and slow after this.

There is a behaviour this may be connected to or not.If a USB CD-RW is connected,that is recognised as shown by dmesg and kinfocenter.But as soons as K3B is launched,the drive gets dropped.

This very same behaviour exists in PCLinuxOS.But openSUSE 10.2/10.3 running on the same notebook(Acer TM2400) are not affected either in Gnome or KDE.The drive not getting detected happens with Ubuntu(Gnome) as well.But mouse and K3b behaviour I am not sure on Gnome.

I will attach lsusb and dmesg output next time I boot.

Parameshwara Bhat