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Bug #370617: Dell Latitude C600 backlight remains on in S3 suspend Undecided New 373 weeks

From: Vibhav Pant
Link: hal-info_20091130-1ubuntu1.debdiff


Bug #597653: Add support for Dell Streak. Undecided Fix Committed 466 weeks

From: Andrew Williams
Link: dell-streak.patch


Bug #490002: Haier CE100 CDMA EVDO modem not listed in 10-modem.fdi Undecided New 495 weeks

From: Hendy Irawan
Link: 10-modem_haier-ce100.patch

HAIER CE100 Patch for 10-modem.fdi

Bug #407875: Kindle 2 HAL support Undecided Confirmed 512 weeks

From: cyli
Link: diff.txt

Oops forgot the music directory part

Bug #374868: HAL entry for iRiver E50 Undecided New 524 weeks

From: Christoph Leuzinger
Link: iriver-e50.patch

Patch to add support for the iRiver E50

Bug #370778: Axioo CMPC display stays blank after resume from suspend Undecided New 525 weeks

From: Andika Triwidada
Link: axioo-cmpc-s2r.patch


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