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Bug #1778322: gvfs-smb-browse can't browse samba/smb tree High Triaged 39 weeks

From: Sebastian Byczkowski
Link: gvfsbackendbrowse-force-smb1.patch

gvfsbackendbrowse.c change to NT1 from RedHat Bugzilla

Bug #1284308: Can't copy files from a bluetooth device: Another operation in progress Medium Triaged 199 weeks

From: wodny
Link: gvfs-760847.patch

A very primitive patch/workaround

Bug #388904: Nautilus 'Computer' displays redundant labels Low Triaged 396 weeks
Bug #540280: openssh (or gvfs) asks for a password everytime I change directory in sftp Medium Triaged 404 weeks

From: Beetroot Dog

Bug #435719: gvfs-fuse fails to start on NFS mounted homes Low Incomplete 405 weeks

From: ossjunkie
Link: 51gvfs-fuse-on-nfs


Bug #682850: gvfsd-smb[14571]: segfault at c ip 08056b82 sp bfceb560 error 4 in gvfsd-smb[8048000+1f000] Low Incomplete 419 weeks

From: kolya
Link: gvfs-segfault-patch.diff

Patch which fixes the problem

Bug #513077: gvfsd-gphoto2 unmount leaves camera in a bad state Low Triaged 478 weeks

From: Chris Wulff
Link: invalid_tid_loop.patch

infinite invalid transaction id loop workaround

Bug #324360: new backend: rar archive support (patch) Wishlist Triaged 529 weeks

From: Valmantas Palikša
Link: rarfs.patch

the rarfs backend, applies directly to gvfs tree

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