Comment 0 for bug 1778322

On Bionic Beaver 18.04.1 gvfs-smb-browse can't browse smbtree because of that Nautilus displays "Empty Folder" when clicking "Windows Network"

Nautilus should show smbtree nad host on the smb network.

When inputing this command:
killall gvfsd-smb-browse && GVFS_DEBUG=1 /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfsd-smb-browse

You can see the error:
smb-network: Queued new job 0x55b19a2c9f40 (GVfsJobCreateMonitor)
smb-network: send_reply(0x55b19a2c9f40), failed=1 (Action not supported by the processing engine)
smb-network: backend_dbus_handler org.gtk.vfs.Mount:QueryFilesystemInfo (pid=5708)
smb-network: Queued new job 0x55b19a2e7820 (GVfsJobQueryFsInfo)
smb-network: send_reply(0x55b19a2e7820), failed=0 ()
smb-network: backend_dbus_handler org.gtk.vfs.Mount:Enumerate (pid=5708)
smb-network: Queued new job 0x55b19a2c30c0 (GVfsJobEnumerate)
smb-network: send_reply(0x55b19a2c30c0), failed=0 ()

Proposed solution:
Add gvfsbackendbrowse-switch-to-NT1.patch disscused on RedHat Bugzilla
which implements "change to NT1" in gvfs-smb-browse to browse smbtree to aviod adding "max client protocol" = NT1" to smb.conf to switch all samba to unsafe NT1 which most users are doing to correct this bug.