Comment 8 for bug 621927

My understanding is that this is due to a change in behaviour in new versions of libvte/python-vte. It used to provide the TERM variable, but now it doesn't and so it's up to the application (guake, tilda etc.) to provide it instead. I presume that this is an intentional change to libvte.

As a horrible, quick and dirty fix.

From /usr/bin/guake (press Alt+F2, type "gksudo gedit /usr/bin/guake",press Enter to edit), change:

exec -a guake $PYTHON -OO $GUAKEPATH/ "$@"


exec -a guake $PYTHON -OO $GUAKEPATH/ "$@" -e "export TERM=xterm"

Is guake still being maintained? because I'll fork the code base and patch it properly myself if it is no longer being maintained.