Comment 57 for bug 621927

Sense Egbert Hofstede (sense) wrote :

I agree that this may be confusing for users because they don't have (and can't be asked to have) notion of the relation between the way an application acts and the libraries it uses. Launchpad may need some improvement there. However, this is not an issue in Tilda and doesn't need to be fixed by people working on Tilda. Therefore, it's correct to mark this bug as Invalid for Tilda.

This bug hasn't been fixed upstream as far as I'm aware—even though it has been reported upstream—but there is a task for the upstream bug open as you can see above. There is a fix in the proposed updates section of Maverick, and I hope that it will be made available for all Maverick users shortly.

I understand that there might have been some confusion, we cannot expect everyone to know everything about the way we work, but please don't make changes to bug statuses without reading the bug's discussion and without being sure what you're doing.
If you're not, just leave a comment and we'll be glad to process that information. Thank you!